The Band:

Roderick Romero: Vocals, words, percussion

Anisa Romero: Vocals, words, percussion

Todd Robbins: Sampler, rhythm machines, keyboards

Juano: Bass, Moog Taurus bass pedals

Bennett James Ireland: Drums and percussion

Michael Cozzi: Guitars

Gordon Raphael: Keyboards, guitars, samplers


Guest Musicians

Robin Boomer: Cello

Krist Noveselic: Acoustic bass

Charlie Rowan: Accordian


Recording Notes:

Produced by Paul Fox and Sky Cries Mary

Engineered by Ed Thacker at Robert Lang Studios, Seattle, WA, May 1996

Assistant engineer: Aaron Warner

Assisted by Steve Culp & Steve Knopp

Mixed by Ian Caple at Apache Tracks, Tempe, AZ, March, 1994.



Warner Brothers Records 1997